Liquefied Petroleum Gas: Kind to Nature, Kind to Your Wallet

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) provides drivers with the chance to escape the high prices of diesel and petrol while using a fuel that burns much more cleanly. When a car runs on LPG, it sends none of the heavy metals, such as soot and sulfur dioxide, into the atmosphere, meaning that there is much less damage to the environment in general and public health. Benzene, PAH, and aldehydes also do not leach their way into the environment.

In contrast to petrol, your car makes much less engine noise with LPG. The fact that you don’t have carbon deposits or acids means that your engine will last much longer. When LPG hits the engine, it is already in a gaseous state, leading to more efficient combustion. In contrast with diesel, you have no problems with cold starting, because the LPG acts more like petrol. Finally, when you fill the tank, there’s no chance of spilling. You waste less money and leave fewer toxins in the environment.

The numbers speak for themselves with LPG. It sends out 33 percent less carbon dioxide than petrol, and a whopping 45 percent less than diesel. With nitrogen oxide the numbers are even better: LPG releases 99 percent less than diesel and 82 percent less than petrol. The amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates is also significantly less. If you remember the London air quality warning in 2005, particulates were the culprit.

LPG is becoming popular throughout the world. Countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Japan and Australia are using LPG to power motorcycles, cars, boats, portable power stations and compressors, as well as to fuel public transportation vehicles. Governments are using tax incentives to encourage individuals and private organizations to start making the conversion. The conversion costs of going to LPG are much less than transitioning to an electric vehicle, and the carbon footprint of an LPG car is much smaller than the one made by manufacturing electric cars as well. Consider LPG when you are ready to change to a truly “green” vehicle!