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About LPG Fuel

Liquefied Petroleum Gas often called Autogas is made up of propane and butane. It is a by-product of oil extraction and refinery operations. The UK produces a surplus of millions of tonnes each year and are currently exporting LPG and importing petrol

LPG has far and away the best availability of all the alternative fuels

The nature of the fuel ensues that it burns cleaner. LPG has gained support as an environmentally friendly fuel in respect of both global warming carbon dioxide) and air quality, particularly in towns and cities where vehicles cause specific pollution and noise

With respect to noise, LPG vehicles can reduce decibels by as much as 50% compared to diesel vehicles

In the UK at the end of 1998 there were approximately 3,500 vehicles running on LPG. At the end of last year 2004) there were approximately 117,000, proving that LPG is becoming the alternative fuel of the future.OK, so how exactly does LPG work?

The latest conversions capable of adapting your car to run on LPG, are quite sophisticated and take advantage of the latest emission control technology fitted to modern petrol cars

All LPG conversions have a storage tank, usually in the form of a doughnut tank fitted in the spare wheel well or a cylinder tank fitted in the boot

LPG is fed through a pipe as a liquid, to the engine compartment and then transformed into gas by a vaporiser and metered into the inlet manifold. All modern conversions use the same basic principle using injectors fitted directly into the manifold. When LPG is being used, the petrol injectors are switched off

A switch is fitted usually on the dashboard. This switch lets you know how much LPG you are carrying and also allows you to switch over from LPG to petrol

An LPG conversion is the most up to date emission technology available , not only a cleaner solution, but a cheaper one too.


Great news for all London Drivers.

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More than 550,000 private and business vehicles, including 97% of all taxis, have converted to autogas operation in Australia
The Queen, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the American President all use LPG fuelled cars.