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Welcome to LPG Conversions ltd

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We have large premises based in Derbyshire and we are fully certified by the LPG Association

As authorised installers of…PRINS VSI, OMVL, AG, TARTARINNI and NECAM KOLTEC. we specialise in converting petrol cars and small commercial vehicles to LPG

In addition to your annual LPG service, we can arrange for your petrol service to be carried out at the same time, saving you time and money

Conversion to LPG will give you a very cheap, safe and environmentally friendly method of transport…without having to change your vehicle

We hope you find this website informative in your search for information on deciding if an LPG conversion is right for you

If you still have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have

Telephone directly on 01773 711622 or use our “contact us” facility.

The first Toyota Pruis to run on Omvl’s new piro injection system in the UK’


Great news for all London Drivers.

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More than 550,000 private and business vehicles, including 97% of all taxis, have converted to autogas operation in Australia
The Queen, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the American President all use LPG fuelled cars.