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About LPG Conversion Ltd

Established in 2000, LPG Conversions Limited is approved by the LPG Association as authorised installers

We are completely independent and only offer conversions that represent the best in the market in terms of vehicle performance, reliability, value for money, environmental improvement and customer assurance

LPG Conversions Limited is managed by Stan Cherkowski, who has worked in the car industry for over 34 years

He is an authorised installers of…PRINS VSI, OMVL, AG, TARTARINNI and NECAM KOLTEK systems

Stan has been converting vehicles to LPG for over 7 years, gaining unsurpassed technical and installation skills

We have large modern premises, complete with the necessary equipment to ensure your conversion is carried out cleanly, efficiently and the standards of the LP Gas Association Code of Practice – 11th June.2001

Although the subject of LPG conversions can seem quite daunting, we aim to give simple but concise information to help you decide if an LPG conversion is the right solution for you

If you have any queries please contact us:

LPG Conversions Limited

Heanor Gate Industrial Estate

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Telephone 01773 711622

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More than 550,000 private and business vehicles, including 97% of all taxis, have converted to autogas operation in Australia
The Queen, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the American President all use LPG fuelled cars.