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LPG and the Environment

Pan European recently carried out tests on a range of 26 vehicles running on either LPG, petrol or diesel. These tests show that on a well to wheel basis on the climate change gas of CO2, the vehicles running on LPG were on average 20% better than petrol and nearly 2% better than diesel

Of greater significance to our nations health are the air quality pollutants of NOx. In respect of NOx, vehicles running on LPG were 120% to 180% better than petrol and 2000% better than diesel

This means that one diesel vehicle emits the same NOx as over 20 LPG vehicles. On average particle emissions from diesel vehicles are 99% higher than LPG

The Energy Saving Trust reports that ‘Road transport is responsible for almost 50% of certain smog forming pollutants’ We still suffer from smog, the Government had to issue a warning for central London during 2005 as pollution reached critical levels

Of key concern are the tiny particles that can easily penetrate into the smallest part of the lungs and have been linked to cancer and up to 24,000 people die prematurely every year as a result of poor air quality. Air pollution also acts as an irritant to the skin, eyes and throat

They go on to say ‘there are over 120 pollution hotspots in the UK which means that national air quality targets will not be met’

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Great news for all London Drivers.

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More than 550,000 private and business vehicles, including 97% of all taxis, have converted to autogas operation in Australia
The Queen, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the American President all use LPG fuelled cars.